The Composition of Life

I am imperturbable and versatile
I wonder about dramatic compositions on the succinct sheet of life I hear nothing surround me except my malleable mind urging me to play the keys of time correctly
I see spectators beset before me to examine every step I take 
I want to be unique amongst the other perfectionists 
I am imperturbable and versatile
I pretend to discern every note situated on the staff of my future 
I feel as though as viewing orbs stare at me, I long to play every note immaculately 
I touch the keys of my fate as I manifest them to everyone
I worry that with all of the pressure I may falter 
I cry because this one piece I play will be the outcome of my fate, so I must play it right 
I am imperturbable and versatile
I understand ,although not easy, the outcome will be worthwhile
I say that I will lay my hands down to execute perfection 
I dream to reach the pinnacle of my evermost aspirations 
I try to fixate on the music being whispered into my ear- while not peering into the eyes of my audience.
I hope to tickle their ears with success and gracefulness 
I am imperturbable and versatile. 



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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