A Composition on Art (History)

"A picture is worth a thousand words".

But what about a painting? 

Or a sculpture?

What can we tell about the world from a cathedral built in 1193? 

Or a painting of a mysterious woman in 1517?

My life as an overly-devoted athlete,

I had my dreams crushed.

I have a new passion.

I have awoken. 

I want to explore the world and it's civilization. 

I want to preserve the beautiful things upon which modern society has been built.

To do this, I must explore what they have made. 

I want to educate. 

I thirst to know everything about this green Earth

throughout the time that she has been alive. 

Art is more than a canvas and a paint brush.

It is a story. 

A beautiful narration to stare at 

and wonder "what were they thinking"?

Notre Dame

"Our Lady of Paris"

is more than just a church.

It is a temple of history and learning. 

It is an establishment to show adoration and awe

for the culture that created it.

The culture that lived for God

and lived for their ancestry and civility.

I want to be an art historian. 

And you should too.

Learn about the world, and see what you will find.

Look at the world's art, it won't bite.

There is no wrong answer with art,

just awareness. 

I want to teach how far we've come 

in thousands of years. 

We will never be bored. 

I will foster the students of mine 

to be enlightened. 

Just as the Europeans were during the Renaissance.

As I sigh and think about the world today

art and history are considered "unimportant"...

They are considered frivolous

in this ever-changing sphere of science and technology.

But let me say this, again, just so you know;

"A picture is worth a thousand words".


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