Compliments are easy to take, objectification is not

Why should I be flattered when men call me on the streets,Telling me he wants me between the sheets,That I’m asking for it,That somehow a pair of jeans and a sweater is a sign that I should submit,And give him my holy smile from the temple that is my body,I get uncomfortable when you ask if I want to get naughty from your pickup truck,Telling me you want to take me home,So you can see if I taste like honeycomb,On the account of the word you called out in my presence,I am expected to withhold my resentment,But I've kept the stingers in the roof of my mouth,Don’t you dare fucking doubt,My ability to see through compliments and harassment,You’re such an embarrassment for the human race,No you cannot get to third base,In fact you can sit in the nosebleed section,I am not some sweet confection,To help you lose that fucking erection,I will not be a force under your subjection,And it is absolutely sick,To hear you call my friend perfection,And as soon as you hear rejection,You have a recollection,That she is nothing but imperfection, I believe that’s called projection,You disguising pig.You’re trying to be so big,By making women feel small,Cause it makes you seem tall,When they scurry away in fear they’re going to get hurt,That you will try to lift up their skirt,When women have to carry pepper spray key chains,A sense of dread at the sound of the nicknames,Sweet cheeks, baby, sweetheart,Bitch, slut, whore,Little lady, girly, honeyPrude, tease, cunt.Your words have no substance and yet they stick in the back of minds,Women and girls of all kinds,Are united under this horrid act,There’s a problem when we cannot even make eye contact,Fearing confrontation,Grasping at liberation,Obscene comments not taken seriously by police,Even when they’re more than comments the accused can sleep with peace,Because what you’re wearing somehow changes the meaning of no,The declining of an offer to smile or to give myself to you is disregarded,And now we are guarded,With muscle memory of clenched fists and held breath ready to scream bloody murder,I refuse to be a martyr.I will give my heart and soul to someone who deserves me,Only when someone shows me respect should I give them the key,Shouting at me from the street,From the passenger side car seat,I hope you realize,That in my eyes,What I see is a very poor excuse for a human,Using one’s insecurities to objectify women,To become predators,I hope it registers,That there’s no way in hell I’m taking your words lightly,And part of me wants to decline politely,But I too have dignity,And with these words I refuse to preserve yours. 

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My community
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