Complex Humor of My Mind

Your mind is a complex web of thoughts

Your brain is a complex tangle of ideas


A person with ADHD has a mind even more complex

A person with ADHD has one even more tangled


Imagine a zoo filled with hundreds of animals

Imagine a palate filled with hundreds of colors


Imagine a box filled with hundreds of puzzles

Imagine a tub filled with hundreds of shapes


Now take an empty pool and dump these all in

Now take a giant paddle and mix these all up


Step back and try to separate this mess

Step back and try to undo this mixture


Watch out for the purple monkeys

They love to cause all kinds of trouble


Do you see the square zebras rolling around?

They make you dizzy as their stripes spin


Careful of the frogs they’ll…

Wait did you see those blue puzzle…


Lookout that’s a minotaur and he’s…

Uh oh where’s my cat she can’t sw…


Hold on I do apologize for my topic hopping

I told you to watch out for those frogs cause…


Oh, my that pyramid is white but why is…

None of the animals are the right…


I see dozens of dyed squirrels by the…

Do you hear the sounds of the puzzle pieces as they…?


Sorry but I did it again didn’t it

It’s not like I do it on purpose


The wires in my brain just misfire and split

Are you tired yet because I know listening to me can be?


So, in my head the squirrels are silver and shiny

So, in my head the dogs meow and the cats bark


The puzzle pieces connect but not like they do for you

Topic to topic I switch and very few can keep up


I promise these all connect even though you get lost

The only explanation is that there’s a possi…


The lambs are now eating the lions

Frogs decide to ru…here we go again

Stop means go so the cars coll…

No means yes so thanks mom I knew…


That guy laughed at my jo…

Weird people make great friends in…


Wow I just challenged your brain to a tug of war

I’m sure like any other muscle your brain is like jelly


Ok I promise no more mentioning things that H-O-P

Steer clear of everything that B-O-U-N-C-E-S or J-U-M-P


I will refrain from discussing rabbits cau…

Uh oh spaghetti this is getting irritating isn’t it


Ok time to quickly summarize in a way you’ll understand

My brain is a theme park of hundreds of colors and shapes


My mind is a maze of animals and puzzle pieces

I view and interact with the world through ADHD…oh squirrel

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