I was walking along the streets one day

And saw a man with a dog;

Except the man was homeless and the dog was dead

And the man was dirty and the dog was not breathing

And the man was clutching a tin money cup and the dog had already given up.


He smiled a toothless grin and I touched my teeth

Perfect from years of orthodontist work,

Perfect from having the money to buy a toothbrush,

Perfect from having the means to be healthy.


His hand was shaking making the few coins cling together

Showing how little he had to spend,

Showing how little he would leave behind if he were gone,

Showing how little people care about those who aren't successful.


And here I was asking my mother for spending money

And here he was asking the public for money to live.

And here I was staring, dressed in warm clothes and a hat

And here he was shivering, keeping himself warm by the weight of the dead dog.


I know changing poverty isn't a top priority for society currently in an economic downfall,

But show compassion for those who are suffering

And show compassion for those who need attention

And show compassion for those who don't show compassion towards themselves.


Compassion gives people hope

And gives people the feeling of self-worth

And gives people the motivation to make something of themselves.


I ended up walking past the guy without sparing change,

And later when I walked back he was gone as well.


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