Fri, 02/07/2014 - 22:25 -- knox167


Strange, we can't see. 

If I could change anything, it would be:

The fact we idolize the lives of other people, we use contrast to draw value and never equate ourselves to equal. 

We preach the golden rule, but live in a capitalistic society driven by gold, and rule. And I'm standing here feeling like a golden fool thinking being a good person would reward you, Holdin drool, in my mouth afraid to spit or kick up the dust I need to dig, 

my wait out of this whole and pain I'm in. A slave to sin, I crave vision. 

but now I feel strange within. 

My moral compass doesnt point me to well-being any longer

it leads me down a path of outkast and streets, kamikaze suicide bombers

Who kill in the name of what they believe to be right? 

So where is right? 

what is right?

who is right?

Write. right.

If I could change anything I'd take the fear out of hell, collapse the greed that holds heaven up on its pedestal, and put people in their hearts, now. Harmonious. 



I wrote this spontaneously, in a free slam-style, on the spot. 

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