Thu, 04/30/2015 - 21:52 -- Aegis

Is it bad to compare, or only to er'r?

The truth evades me, so they say.

Is it that I'm in er'r, or did I compare?

Tell me, for its right either way. 

If it's bad to compare, but not bad to er'r,

Then by truth, you'll see dawn's bright day. 

And if it is bad to er'r, but not to compare, 

Then by truth, you'll have it my way. 

Now if it's bad to er'r, and also to compare, 

Then truly, you've won with your say. 

But have this for a scare, if both are in er'r,

How can your's be the enlightened way?

If it is wrong to er'r, and also to compare,

You must be quite a dark day.

For only those in er'r, would ever compare,

That their's is better than your way!


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