The Comparison


United States
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I fear being compared,
Put next to another,
Read through or dared.
It’s one, if not my only fear,
As it leaves me embarrassed, 
As a result of me firing up,
And causing a flare.
This I fail to control. 
My reaction to comparison,
....Whether new or old.
Like a special Mole, 
It pricks my temperament,
And the buildup emerges
From my innermost soul.
Be compared and not being the better of them all,
Then put aside....
Set alone to fall.
For who wants less when,
....they can get more?
Why not choose the better best 
And leave what’s not so good to sore?
Those, my thoughts, 
They linger about. 
Causing my fear,
To be as heartbreaking as a drought. 
I, He, Them..... 
Who do you choose? 
How sad it would be if I were to lose.
They all have an edge, 
Something that’s better than the other.
To be compared, 
For me,
....Would surely be the bother. 
Those few things though...
That sets us apart...
*oh wait*
Why do you compare, 
If you have your eyes, 
on only one prize,
from start?
This poem is about: 
My family
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