How would I compare heaven?

To clouds on a setting day

Peach fluff backed by blue

The dark gates of hell miniscule

How would I describe

the worries in my mind?

Soul surging through the air,

memories gone,

barely there.

Would I care?

Whether I reached the peach,

or the pitch black abyss.

Deservation to have peace,

or internal war

prodded by Satan’s pitchforks.

Damned tears streaming down clear cheeks

Haunted by worries carried with death

Where do I belong?

Heaven nor hell

Peace nor deprivation.

Is there such a thing as an ending point?

What will be my terminus,

If I even deserve to quit!

What has become of me?

This lost soul,

whining in pitiful misery.

What will become of me,

This soul, so bright I’ve been told...

what do they know.

Will my light smother,

or grow brighter?

Do I deserve to drop this act,

rip off this mask,

smile brightly with peace.

Do I deserve...



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