Compare the Moon to the Stars


I... am flawless.

From the dark, brown dreads that represent the crown on my head,

to the white, stylish sneakers tightly laced on my feet,

I... am flawless. 

I awaken in the morning to encourage my very being,

because I awaken to a world that is so very man eating. 

A society where your appearance is crucial,

where if you don't have the right look, the right face, 

the way you're treated can be brutal,

and it's what I'm used to... 

Simply because I am different, 

I am unique, 

I am a one-of-a-kind girl

who shines bright,

like the moon in the night. 

And there are millions of stars,

yet there is only one moon,

and like the moon I am she,

who walks down these NYC streets,

having a million stars staring blatantly at me.

Judging my appearance, or admiring my ability to stand out?

Whether good or bad, they're seeing me,

that's no doubt.

I wish I could scream, yell, and shout...


I see the beauty within myself. 

I see the glimmer in my eyes,

and the depth of my personality.

I live for me, and for me only.

Every morning, dancing in my mirror...

"I woke up like this,"

Yeah you heard me, homie. 


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