Went blind and died

Completely justified; age kills

Truly, no being reaches end

They instead are ended.

Makes sense by nature:


By nature fruits grow and spoil

By nature flowers blossom

And wither away each season

Nature absorbs what once held

Significance, taking claim


Of spoiled things to make room

For other things to spoil

For further growth and blossoming.

In that respect, it becomes clear


That nature is a fierce architect

Ridding itself of what it sees fit

Likely to rebuild, but what of us,

Who cannot match its ability to mend?


What becomes of those who cannot heal

When nature sees fit to take claim,

Without regards to race,

Creed, color, or name,

Of a companion, a friend


A limb may fall from a tree, and

Ultimately it’s alright with me

The rotted tree limb will meet its end

May the world swallow it, but let me keep my friend


For a stomach aches and bones may break,

From a nightmare one may wake, from

Shivers loose one too may shake

But hearts they shatter, like crystal shatters.



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