Coming Out as Non-Religious


I am half-Mexican and Half-Cajun.

This means two things; - One - I am HOT!
I have the taste buds of a volcano (and the temper of one too)

and don’t get me started about this

*bronze complexion*,

this flexible tongue,

these hyperactive hips.

Two – Catholicism is as inherent to me as is this brown mop on my head,

this mustache on my lip,

this bruise underneath my arm

(all my vatos know what I’m talking about).

Catholicism was the water that I drank. - I was baptized when I was two days old.

Catholicism was the food in my belly. - My father has worked for the church my entire life.


Catholicism is the stain on my past;

the mistake I’ve corrected; - the hate I’ve forgotten.

You see, I’ve moved on.

Not by the “Grace of God,”

but by the will of my mind, I have ended my Friday fasting,

and emerged from the tomb on the third day

a new man.

I am coming out of the closet;

Out of the rectory;

out from under the crushing weight of the golden throne. - I am an ally.

I am pro-choice.

I am for love, and charity, and equality, and everything I was supposed to be as a Catholic,

but couldn’t be because of Catholicism.


I am coming out as non-religious.



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