Coming Out


Coming Out

16- I find out in Psychology that my thinking’s about religion, and God, and afterlife aren’t due to enlightenment, or me, maybe, having a grasp of maturity, but rather my ideas about after life are a part of my cognitive development, and that name for my “mature” abstracted theories are Formal Operational Stage.
14- I come out and talk about other ways of believing in a higher power at school, and no one judges.
13- I tell my mom I don’t believe in the God that she wants me to believe in, but rather one that rewards with a system of reincarnation and karma, which she sighed at, but accepted.
12- The refusal of going to church at Easter, and the dishevel my actions caused with my Baptist Dad’s side of the family rewarded me with the idea that maybe I don’t have to believe in a God I don’t want to believe in.
11- I am exposed to the idea that there is more than one religion. Who’s Buddha?
8- My mom stops going to church, which means…I have to.
7- Grandma Tina listen to Christen music as she drives to a luncheon at her church. Where I help hand out food, cucumbers shaped like crosses.
6- I receive a button for my vest at Kawanas for memorizing John 3:16.
5- A blue ribbon is put on my popsicle stained shirt, and my mom claps wildly at our church field day, because I won the pickle eating contest, because I eat pickles all the time, because my mom told me it was my favorite food, because I’ve been eating them for so long. So they’re my favorite food.
16- For Easter, in order for my boyfriend to come to dinner at my mom’s, I have to go to church with his family… I don’t sing, I don’t take the juice or bread, I take in what the preacher is saying though, to help me better understand what exactly keeps people believing, helps keep their faith.
16- A girl at my work, during a Sunday buffet, explains what God is to her, and how me and 3 of my co-workers are going to Hell, because we believe different from her, because I believe that God isn’t here.
16- I come to the realization that I may believe what I want to, but other people believe differently, and that is alright, because we have to coexist and thrive on the same planet, and while I may still bounce in my beliefs I have no right to judge. There are some that flourish under the influence of their God. I flourish under my belief. There are many plants in this world, not all live in the same ecosystem.


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