Comic Books

Mon, 10/10/2016 - 14:36 -- ZionX

A get away from norm,

the every day racial tension in Newark takes its toll,

store after store I am pre-judged as a thief , 

Not knowing I am a college student who just happens to be striving for a degree.

What brightens up my day you would ask ? Super heroes and villians,

Noo not just the characters but the constant struggle parallel to life itself,

Good intentions but thoughts can become evil when opressed with demonic people.

When NY turned its back on spiderman did he become evil ? 

When Gotham defamed Batman as a villian did he turn his back on Gotham ?

NO! so when the cops stop and frisk and store owners follow you throughout the shit

Comic books are my source of eternal bliss.

though they paint me as a villian without knowing me, I still contribute good to society,

A bomb of imagination explodes inside of me from the comics bestowed upon me

It makes my day when I know my outlook of positivity can plant seeds to another young black male,

Those same seeds plant more so it's no need for a vasectomy, why not bring light into the world

We need more super heroes and less villians, young boys bump chiraq and it tripled Newark, NJ killings

Where is superman when you need him ? Better yet when the killers come ?

He is in me and thats what the comics help me realize, we all are heroes in someones eyes.

Thats why comic books mean so much to me , my source of light in the darkness

The theme of positivity in adversity is the method to my happiness.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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