Comfortable with the Uncomfortable


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There are many detriments about my city

I won't say the name because I'd rather show you

There are killings back to back

Cops kill civilians, civilians kill civilians, civilians kill cops

The school system is failing

The unemployment is rising

Lead is bountiful in the foundation

The stars are hidden because of pollution and illumination

Sirens sound daily like an alarm

In a small city there are many neighborhoods

There is palpable tension to be embraced upon entering and exiting the house

Yet none of this comes to mind as I walk these streets

Whether at the crack of dawn, noon, afternoon, twilight, or evening

I have a feeling of admiration as look into the sky

I love the speed of the brightness at dawn

It hurriedly runs off the horizon as if expecting a friend

I love how at noon there is a stillness in the air regardless of traffic or intense heat

As if it demands respect no matter what's happening

I love the afternoon as nature takes its clothes off and presents itself

I notice the green sway of the trees contrasting the gray solid concrete

I love twilight the most as the sky proves to be the most beautiful art

No matter how much the sky has been watched, twilight always has a new image

I love how in the evening there is secret world above the 20ft streetlights 

It's as if the mere top of those streetlights and the atmosphere become one

I love the sky of my city

Many people die here and it's truly unbecoming of how sad it is

Death is very serious and very taxing on the heart but it's the mind that gets the brunt

One death is enough to have people crying for days and emotionally inept

But hundreds of deaths occur each year and thousands every couple 

Yet people still progress

While I'm sure people haven't gotten over it in their hearts

The mind has forced the heart to move on

And by how the death rate increases, sometimes has to drag the heart

I think about that a week after I hear about people dying

I don't get sad but astounded at the relationship between the two

I'm sure this relationship isn't the same in many other places

I love the way the people of my city move on

I'm in school and find many faults as all pessimistic students do with the school system

I complain very much, however

I show up, I eat lunch, I create friendships, I socialize, and above all, 

I learn

My admiration for teachers is unimaginable as I realized

There's an easily overlooked misconception about teachers that students make

They make it so much and so fast it's scary

Students have forgotten that teachers are still Humans

They live, eat, breathe, fight, sing, and exist like we do

Students think they are only tools serving to instruct them

And no other purpose in this world applies to them

I realized it when I paid attention to them smiling

My teachers found enjoyment in something and related it to me

That's when I realized

" Hey, you're like me"

What other way to best relate to a person than laughter

That's when I admired them

I realized that my complaining was ungrateful to my teachers

Because these teachers still find time to laugh with a failing system due to no budget

They still laugh despite spending as much time in school as we do

Dealing with large varieties of students, each one unique

And instructing them each accommodating to each of their learning styles

Still having to go home to families, bills, drama, and everything else

I love my school system because despite its pressure on my teachers 

My teachers manage to deal with humans that don't even realize they're human too

Having a 20 something year old guy in the neighborhood labeled as " Big Bro"

is the norm

I love their commitment 

They survive against many odds

Unemployment, negative stereotypes, imposing police, and their fellow man

They still manage to give the upcoming youth a nod of acknowledgment

Oblivious to the admiration that youth has in their heart for them

Not realizing how much good that nod did for the youth

Even to those that bully the younger generation

They are just toughening up the youth

For the unfair odds that will appear in front of them very unexpectedly

Are the same ones they're dealing with 

I love the people in my city without a proper guide that still manage to do some right

I love the will of the people of my city

Lead is a serious illness to young children

And even older people if exposed in large quantities

It's been ordained if child is exposed to lead and the parents don't act

Children will be removed from their care

I've witnessed this incident many times and even in my own life

The look everyone shares after they receive that " threat" is priceless

No matter what age, no matter how strong the lead, no matter anything

Everyone knows the family won't be split over something as small as lead

Families have had their love ones taken by murder and guns so much

It'd be disrespectful to have the family split up for any other reason

I love that indisputable fact shared betwixt every family in my city

I've traveled through many neighborhoods

Old people, shopping places, troublesome areas, different races, and okay spots

All types of neighborhoods I've walked in, biked in, and dwelled in

All of the experiences I've had in those areas are cherished

There are many too many unknown things in this world, 

The neighborhoods of my city will make themselves known

If not to the entire world, 

Then definitely the rest of the city

I love my city and all of its detriments

I love how I can find bliss in what others find disgust

What can so easily been understood as bad and negatively constructed

I find the way my city has some innocence in it

I take pride in my city

For no other city can create admiration out of catastrophe

Especially in the hearts of the forever observing youth.



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