Come Outside


The world sits outside of my window

Calling for me to come outside

But i cannot go outside

And become a part of it

Become a part of a degrading world

I will not give them the time

I will not give them the chance

I will not succumb to the mindset

For i have all of the time in the world

On the other side of the glass

Watching them march in their uniforms

Watching them exploit  pride in similarity

Burying difference under the rubble

For i will be different

For i will diverge on a path of my own intention

For i will spend eternity exploring

Exploring the potential residing in my soul

Exploring the perfection in my creation

I am me and i will stay me

I will never go outside






Go Outside


The world sits outside your window, waiting

Calling you to bask in her warmth

So go, take it all in

Become her passenger on this wild ride

Give her the time, the chance to change your mind


Take your ques from her

Your time is limited so don’t hesitate

Look forward through the glass and see what can be

Use your gift to contribute to her beauty


The differences are what make you

The uniforms that march are only a façade

We are all unique underneath

Take pride in the diversity

Exploit your creativity


Be different

Dredge your own path

Exploit your potential

Stay strong in your beliefs and go outside



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