Come Find Me, Lord

My heart has been hardened against you, Lord.

Calcified remains of a once beating organ.

My eyes cannot see you, Lord.

Cannot see past the disillusionment of the ages.

My map cannot find you, Lord

Because the only terrain it covers is the selfish

Terrain of my decading life. 

My mind cannot seek you, Lord

Because The Enemy has convinced it, that it's

Feeble and Weak

Incapable of seeking after the Prince of Peace.

My arms don't extend to you, Lord.

For they've gone limp with the weight of the world.

Come find me, Lord.

Remove the shackles that the world has placed on me:

That I have placed on myself. 

Remove my foibles and iniquities, once more

Like You did when You layed Your life down for me,

On the Cross, at Calvary.

Help me to finish this race,

For, by myself, I can't keep up the pace.

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