come and play

Sat, 08/22/2015 - 03:32 -- Alexie

When I was a child, energetic and happy, outside, I would play with pals, underneath the trees as they shed their leaves and reach our tiny nose as we sleep under them. It was a distinct memory full of vast experiences that will make up 1/4 of my childhood. I loved the laughter my friends and I shared. How the wind would blow our hair as we collide with it. But, what happened to the 3/4 you may ask? Since I received my first gameboy, I stayed by the swing as my friends would say, "stop that, let's play."

"No. I'm playing my gameboy. Go away. You guys annoy me."
That was the end of 1/4 of my childhood. I was 8 years old.

Two years have passed and now we got a desktop computer. It's really awesome and cool. I saw and it ran on windows xp. There I searched for pictures of animals and cartoons. Tom and jerry, johnny bravo... And a knock on my door came.

Dug. Dug. "Your friends are here. Come and play!" A familiar voice said.

"Go away. I'm using my computer. I don't want to play."
Then complete silence occurred for about three minutes but then
I heard children laughing outside. I checked to see on the window what's the ruckus, but they were just playing tag.

After 3 Years,
I got my first phone, it was an iPhone 4 and it was gorgeous unlike any other phone combined. And so I became addicted to it. To the features, the camera, the expense... I met Facebook, wechat, and tumblr. Soon, I became an introvert. Talking and Befriending, it's not me anymore. I am a slave to electronics. I am a slave to a computer screen, a phone screen and a tablet screen. I can't survive without WiFi. I need them and I treasure them. Then..

Dug. Dug. "Hey. Let's play.. Come on.. For old times sake."
"Come and play."

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