The Colour of Beauty

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 21:09 -- wndy24

Flowers compliment your looks.

Oh, I wish you could see yourself from my eyes. 

Your beauty doesn't come from the definition found in books 

but from what lies inside. 


It radiates like a star. 

So bright you can be seen from afar. 

Don't mind so much those words 

spoken from the soulless monsters. 

They don't define who you are. 


Those hateful words tore you down 

but you shall rise from the ground.

Like the elegant flower you are meant to be

so bright and full of life.


Don't let them shake you down. 

If we all saw the beauty inside,

pain wouldn't be traveling around. 


Oh, I wish you could see yourself from my eyes,

only then would you realize 

true beauty lies inside. 

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Our world
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