The Colors that We See


Everything starts out with darkness.

A clean and empty slate with nothing to work with.

But when we open our eyes, we can see everything.

Not just bees swarming by flowers or bunny clouds in the sky.

I’m talking about colors.

Colors that mix together forming nothing into everything in this world.

There are colors splattered in a house, across a neighbor’s yard, swarming different parts of the earth, and even in space.


I mean think about how fortunate we are to see them.

What if everything was in black and white?

Our favorite foods would look gray.

Rainbows would be shades of different gray.

Everyone would look gray.

Nothing would have an essence.


Colors are everywhere.

They consume our vision, exciting the senses.

They create emotions helping us to feel passion, joy, bitterness, and other powerful feelings.

But we can get trapped by their vibrancy.

Entangled in the rushes of reds, blues, greens, and other rainbow colors that flood our eyes.

Taking them in is like being high, high on something better than drugs that poison human minds.


We see them, we can breathe them, and we must appreciate them.

For they bring life to a black and white world.

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Our world
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