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I do not wear the same skin as you
but our struggles, they are similar.
You see, while you are outcast
for the way you look, the color of your
outer shell; I am turned away for whom I love.
I may not have laws telling me
where I can and cannot sit, where I
am welcome, and where I am not.
But I might as well.
When I hold her hand in public I
cannot help but feel the stares
people act as if we don’t belong here,
don’t deserve the warmth of a touch.
And I know that our battles aren't the same
and our crosses to bear are as different
as night and day,
but I assure you
I go to bed each night, scared of the next day.
I can’t walk outside without the
fear of names, of stares,
of hate breathing down my neck,
fear crawling down my spine.
I do not wear the same skin as you
but I know how much hurt comes
from being different
and I will march with you to
see that better days will come.
Here, take my hand.

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Any opinions/criticism appreciated.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

struggles have no color
at the end, we all bleed red
never have fear of what others may say or think, its how u view things
great poem-polish this idea further


The thought that loving someone different is difficult with its own trials is...not always considered. What a different perspective!


Personally I really like it. c:




beautiful, love it.


Love this.




Who cares what they think?

You are by no means a conformer.

Be proud of that.

You have more than they do,

Because you are not closed to the unknown.

If they don't know any better, it's their own fault.

Cool? Ha! They're just afraid

That the golden rule applies.

They're afraid that they'll get treated

The way they've treated us.

We know better.


This is a beautiful poem, well done. (: 


This is really, really good. 

Lizbeth Anahi Ibarra

Love this!


Love. This. With all that I have.

Marvel godwyn

A nicely woven piece, thanks for sharing.

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