Colored Clouds

Sometimes we look up and the sky is gray

Sometimes we wonder when the pain will go away

But what we sometimes forget

Is that the sun will rise on another day


And what if the sun was want to stay?

What if the sun never went away?

Maybe then the light would be as sad as gray

After all, what's Seattle without rain?


Life is the same with you

The one that looks up at the sky, feeling blue

That sadness is a part of you

But that doesn't mean it controls you too


The Earth doesn't owe you anything, it was here first

But don't think that means She ignored your birth

There are boundless treasures out there

Waiting just for you


Beautiful colors, shades, and hues

Adventures to be had, places to see

These are places you need to be

Not trapped by your own mind like a sad little seed


There is a life out there to love

Don't stay cold and gray, stay warm

Blossom and take the Earth by storm

Everyone is waiting to see what you have in store



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