The colorblind mirror


There I was standing                 amongst hundreds



                                    In anticipation


I didn’t know what was coming        in the next hour



                                                                 inevitable passion


Throughout the years I had thought, I was apart from it

Apart from its nasty vocals and gnashing of teeth




                               Has now been found in me.


There I walked forward     pushing through all the crowds


Through the multitudes

                            The pushing

                                                   The tension


To find myself sitting      looking into a mirror





That just because I haven’t seen it, didn’t mean it did not exist

I haven't been helping my brothers and sisters; I haven’t been offering my fists


For the fight is real,            though I was unaware

The discrimination


                                                     And zeal


Colorblindness isn’t helpful.

                                           The silence just hurts

                                                                                 because  Ignorance isn’t bliss

A look in the mirror, is all we need      to forget out bias and become family

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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