Color Your Sky

Rain, rain, rain is all it ever does here,

Perhaps to remind us of all the pain it still is very unclear,

My world was dark ,

The sky was grey,

And everything fell to pieces slowly slipping away, 

Until a goddess appeared before me on this presumptuous  rainy day,

Her eyes were blue, her hair was bright gold, her laughter was love,

 I noticed the rain, oh the rain,  began to cease from the sky above,

I began to see colors again when i was in her presence,

And not just the typical colors but colors that brought me great plesance,

I saw the sky as blue, red, violet, indigo, scarlet and many more,

I felt a weight lifted off of my wings so i could soar, 

Before we departed apon seperate paths of life, she gave me a kiss,

And said, "Laughter is joy, joy is love, love is life, and life is bliss"

I thought what a lovely way to say goodbye

Lastly, she said, "Thank you, for letting me color your sky"


This poem is about: 
Our world


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