A Color Worth Being Shaken


Mistaken Always shaken We move because we're told  But it's getting old Tired of these rules The tools They say, the tools to life To growing and succeeding To living and competing Jump, run, and go They say it but really though  What do they mean What to they see in the unseen? The hidden scars The ones behind bars, Me and you, you and me Where else can we be But misunderstood Never even heard They shake us Trying to get their point across  But it doesn't change us Firm in our roots  No budging these boots These shoes Oh there's another story Another glory, you see It's you it's me But all they see  Is what's underneath No, not what's beneath just underneath the clothes The skin the color and kin No wait I'm mistaken again They don't see actually  They are blind, matter of fact-ly Instead of what's beneath Of what's within They see the stains dripping They see when we're sinning or tripping  Messing up  Giving up No. Don't give in Don't give up Not to them, not to us. We allow them to use us Abuse us Betray us  And destroy us We lie and amazingly we get by One at a time. Losing that battle  Losing our sight Not a physical being But an emotional feeling The one that brings you to your knees The kind that rips your heart from your chest  Still, we lie, saying it's our best Afraid of disappointment  Of really showing our colors Black, white, yellow, red Why does it matter what colors we shed? Check the box, they tell us. Mark the ethnicity that confines us The age that undermines us The gender that defines us.  But why, we ask. Why should we be told What to do.. Who to hold Last time I checked, We didn't need to disinfect  When a black hand touched white skin.  So pick up your jaw We don't listen to it all You can persist But it will be dismissed, Let us coexist In love or in hate Whatever it will take It's done  But has it even begun No looking back! It'll take them aback  We attack With words with meaning Worth intervening.  They fight us Again try to destroy us Backing their cruelty, their heartlessness Blaming us for the decisions we've made But we're know longer afraid  For we know we have not betrayed No we have succeeded. No, we have exceeded! The goals we set  We crossed, We embossed. Showing them that we cannot be defined by a color, A race, A gender, Or a face No. No longer mistaken But now they're the ones who are shaken.     


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