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Some people live in black and white,

others live in blue.

You may see the pale, soft pinks of the world,

but not all that you see is true.


 An orange may look like a red,

but has completely different intent.

You might see a blue where a purple resides,

but your will refuses to relent.


No one can really understand,

what color you feel inside.

You heart may yearn to say: GREEN!

but your mouth says yellow presides.


As you try to make sense of your feelings,

your eyes become color-blind.

Each and every emotion,

is swirling inside your mind.


When others’ eyes see red and blue,

your eyes see purple and white.

When their eyes “fix” all your mistakes,

your eyes try to do what’s right.


But through your color-blind eyes,

a new world comes into view.

Not straightforward colors,

But fireworks of YOU!


Rather than plain old normal,

you’ve found yourself anew.

A self that’s wild, happy and fun,

one that’s yellow, red AND blue.


All your colors fit into place,

with this new personality.

No longer hiding, no longer fake,

you’ve found your new reality.


It’s okay to be color-blind,

to see things differently.

Maybe the world is colorblind,

and you see things perfectly.


We all are a little color-blind,

a little different too.

But whether we’re green or purple,


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