Color has always mattered

No matter what goes on

But why?

When we were all created by the man in the sky


I may have a darker hue

Of skin than you

But you don’t have a clue

About what my ancestors went through

To gain just a piece of has been given to you


But guess what after all this I still don’t equal up

With someone of a different color

After all this time

They still refuse to let me shine

They keep me bound down in chains

While they scandalize my family’s name



Was Martin, Harriet, and Malcolm’s work in vein

Because now we throw around this degradable name


Do we truly know what this 5 letter word means?

It’s being used by us who should be offended by it

We use it as if we haven’t seen the documentaries on what our

Ancestors done for us

So I am taking out the time to discuss

How we need to become 1


I am sick and tired of watching the news

Seeing us fight against each other

When the person beside you should be your brother from another mother or your sister from another mister


We should join for the greater good of society

So let us catch hands

And try to lift up your fellow man

And remember who we truly and where we come from 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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