Mon, 09/05/2016 - 07:51 -- Will.1

They look at my color before they look at me

They reach a conclusion

Before they reach me

They see my tan 

And make assumptions of my person

They see my dark skin

And scream slurs

To cause my blood to boil

But I don't stir

Or cry

I smile

They don't know the greatness locked into my background

From far away they don't get to see who I am

All they see is what they believe is true

That you are not worth it

But that's not true

I grew up being called every slur

Treated like a problem

Because my skin color didn't match

The color they wanted to use to paint

Their perfect world

But forget their ideas of perfection

From right here

Any mirror will confirm

I am not


a mistake



or simple

My color

My Heritage

My Background is


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