College Creepers


The freaks come out at night.

I know that’s what they say.

But you’ll surely be affright

When you see creepers during the day.


Sure, you’ve heard of creepers

Lurking here and there,

But the pile of them is deeper

Than you were e’er aware.


The thing is, you don’t know it,

Until you gain the knowledge.

It happens when you find the pit

Of creepers at a place called college.


They come in every shape and size;

They’re found in every place.

It forces you to scrutinize

The entire human race!


I wish that I could tell

Who’s creepy and who’s not.

Around their necks should be a bell--

Now there’s some food for thought!


The guy who asks you if you’re single

Before he asks your name

Is not the one with which to mingle,

But one who should be put to shame.


The man who calls you “honey-bun”

And looks so young and sweet

Could really be age fifty-one.

So ask, and then, if so, retreat!


College creepers have no manners

Which you’ll very quickly find.

So you’ve got to be a decent planner

So you don’t get in a bind.


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