College and the Impossible Price

I am about to be a millennial,

in a world of extreme competition.

Finishing a school of quadrennial,

about to pay for college tuition.


Without college we face a harsh reality,

no job to lean on for success.

We must go to minus fatality,

get smart so we can progress.


I cannot comprehend living on streets,

being homeless would be horrific.

Sitting under a blanket feeling the defeat,

living somewhat less than terrific.


I have been held down since grade zero,

raising my hand for permission.

I never talked and was called a weirdo,

my social skills were out of condition.


I’ve made many friends,

and now graduation is near.

Is this how it ends,

saying goodbye is my biggest fear.


But college though,

a land of unknown faces.

Going with the new flow,

another chance to embrace it.


Memories to last a lifetime,

an opportunity to reinvent.

Restart and become more prime,

producing some new content.


This actuality will be strenuous,

this experience will be tough.

At times I’ll be ingenuous,

but it will be worth it I am sure enough.


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