Cold Sweat

I see you crawl

On hands and knees, you hug the wall

Big, strong, untouchable

The heat and smoke swirl

You press on, searching for signs of life

You never see the hole until it swallows you

All the way down to the basement

You land hard, stabbing pain

You can't move

You can't talk

Soon you can't breathe

We turn out in a church, all crisp pants and shined black shoes

I can hardly hold back my tears as I stand outside

Eyes front, right hand kissing my temple

Suddenly, my body jerks

I feel weak and sick

My phone buzzes and it's you

You're sending me another inside joke

I remember you didn't die that night

You escaped from being seriously harmed

With nothing more than a broken arm

But that doesn't keep what happened

From scaring the living hell out of me 


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