Cold Flesh

while you sought out to makea providing fire i waitlone grey shape shadeschills the avoided skin on my legslonliness is like i cloud i cant excapehow does it feel to miss your other halfyou askwelllonging for your lovekinda feel likebeingyankedfrom your bathtubafter you poura delicate glass of white winesoft fleshyou're cold to the coreyouth in love,when you miss themit sets in the impatienceyour soul becomes uncomfortablemaybe even anxioussoft soul squirms in placebecause it is stuckstuck in a place that it simply doesnt belongyour mind says things to youthat would never be allowedin those radio songs.a body frozen in a state of shockfloating away without your rock.a youth trapped in loveyou're reminded of the one voice that caresreminded of times that you two sharedlike when you two told jokes on your backsin a grassy field at nightand just simply how being with them made you feel alright .words from a stranger put an arrow through you soft flesh chesta movie strip clicks through the screen in your head in the place that their memory nestsit makes you feel vulnerablebecause you've been mentally undressed.youth in love,even when your ears ring,tie your shoes under the moonbefore the sun can touch the strings.the sting from the arrow will force you to seethe way their nose scrunches uphow beautiful they look when they smile with their teethhow they like their coffee to be in the morningthe excitement in their eyes as they tell a storytheir absence doesn't stop the memoriesfrom flying backhitting your silky sulking facedistracting you from your dayjust wishing that they were allowed to last memory repeats itself slowlyyou cant escape it fullyit's how their body roll back like a soft flamewhen they laugh at your jokesroll back and say your name.k.w



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