The Cold

I'm waking up and I'm beginning to feel,
Was anything last night other than surreal?
I put my arm around you in the bitter cold,
And when you put your head on me, my heart was sold.

We walked together so close and so near,
And then I finally realized I had nothing to fear.
The cold may have been real, but I felt so warm.
And the feelings started to rise like a giant swarm.

I got you to laugh and you got me to smile,
You made everything okay for such a long while.
I'm so blessed to have gotten a chance to know you,
And know that I trust and believe in all you do.

Just a few months ago we never even spoke,
And each day was boring every time I woke.
But now you've given me a joy I can't replace,
I noticed long before we ever ran our race.

We sat by each other and watched the moon,
But it rose and fell a little too soon.
There's much I'd give to go back to that night,
Just holding you close and hugging you tight.

The time when we left was so bittersweet,
We went from the cold and into the heat.
But I knew that this meant we'd say goodbye,
And I'd have to watch you go, letting out a sigh.

When we finally got home, and I laid in my bed,
All of these memories began to flood my head.
I realized it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful day,
And that I could still have my beautiful love here to stay.


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