Meandering down a dimly lighted path tinted with the shadows of loneliness,

Thinking you have an intelligent understanding of the matter of life,

Always a step behind and a brush with my future in my distant past,

Dancing a tango with betrayal all the while goodness is just beyond the strife,

Feelings of familiarity with a light touch of what is meant to be and destined for you,

Where is this that fate takes my hand and leads me with a slight worry,

Feelings that were never thought to exist with the possibility of the action to do,

Experiencing pain along the way wondering when the break occurs with a flurry,

Happiness is a taunting display of unachievable desire and far away thought,

Relaxation and awareness living life for now and never settling for less,

Fruits of your labor and patience for the match that will be sought,

All the while she is standing just around the corner with the same unrest,

Intervention by the golden strands of time to finally decide on the day,

When the paths will finally cross ending the quest for the unattainable events,

For I am standing on the top of the mountain with clouds parting and a shining ray,

Unforeseeable light brightening the day with a sparkle of coincidence,

An angel has appeared who was there all along just out of eyesight,

Completely changing the outlook and color of the world with her presence,

Never knowing with the rolling storms there was always a lingering light,

You have been here all along and through it all to me you have been sent.

Derick Stinson




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