Coffee Shop

Like skipping stones

eyes skim across the room.

Thoughts glancing over every face

until finally, a match sparks a fire inside you.

The flames of curiosity and desire burn tenderly.


Your mind wanders off into fantasies.

A world filled with impossible adventures of romance and danger,

without knowing one another a complex relationship takes form.

You gaze discreetly, taking in bits and pieces of information with every glance.


For you, a love story begins to unfold

only to be crumbled up and tossed by noise.

Sounds of chatter and coffee bring you back to reality.


A sigh of truth escapes you,

knowing that it will never be.

An impossible love that you brewed,

its smells coming from your cup.

You take a sip,

it's bitter sweet


Strange it seems,

that you are more of a stranger to the stranger

than the stranger is to you.

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