Coffee Makes You Black


I take my coffee black, but was that ever a bad thing?

Bringing back to Martin Luther King preaching about letting freedom ring. The joyful choir sings let the 20th century voices be head

This world would’ve been better off if people just let their coffee stay black because we go from 20th century choirs to 2014 hipsters

The Starbucks franchise must’ve hired Osama Bin Laden because business is BOOMING

I ask myself…is cream really the answer to the bitterness that black coffee delivers?

Does America love their President…I mean…coffee half and half because pure black is just whack?

No! Pure black is what these high class imbeciles lack

I am proud of my pure black heritage, so that proud I wear the dark shade mocha on my bare back

So you can go ahead and tell me how I should be ashamed of my past

Paying homage to my people that reside all the way across the Atlantic as I let my nappy locks grow

And I know my beautiful sisters would agree that black ain’t whack but wonderful

Colorful over colorless, #teamdarkskin !!

I wouldn't’t have it any other way

I praise the kings and queens that have come before me

My roots are as precious and rich like coffee beans but people cant seem to grasp the importance of having your cup of coffee without getting addicted

Because I have a low tolerance for this modern society and this coffee isn’t doing me any favors

Savor the flavor because only god knows how long it’ll last

So take it how you want it

Many mistake me for a guy who loves his coffee filled with milk

Judge my dialect, assume that I’m an uncle tom but my mom raised me to talk white

So get from out of my coffee cup claiming that I talk white

We live in a world where people are as artificial as gas station mocha

I can inhale any coffee cup from every corner of the earth since birth so…

I continue to swallow my pride, as I drink from your cup of coffee


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