Some write of ventures and business conquests

Those American Dreams turned expedient success

Some pen their journeys from rags to riches

Entrepreneurs admired for their ambitions

This is not a ballad, epic, or romance

This is not a thrilling tale of fate or chance

This is no strain of passion or achievements grand

Ambition is fine, but it goes hand in hand

With the beverage of every sleep-deprived dreamer

Some take it black, and some prefer creamer

But 83% of the country would agree

The spark of every success, like each day, is Coffee

587 million cups a day plead for my case

That the smell of Sumatra grinds puts a smile on the face

Of workers, writers, adventurers, Americans,

Grocery store clerks, professors, bigwigs, and mailmen

How curious, it’s so infrequent the poet pauses to think

About pioneering a romance about the very drink

That gives them the energy to pick up their pen

That grants them the fuel to face each day again

It should strike every writer to seize inspiration

Of The Glorious Columbian Fuel of a Nation

Ah! Marvelous Joe! You astound me each morn!

Far more splendid than a pudding of corn

Your taste is unfalteringly vibrant, so full of promise

Each sip a romance, a caffeinated kiss

Delicately made in a Keurig or poured from a pot

Magnificent mocha, frappuccino, or third espresso shot!

Indeed, it’s undeniable that America owes its greatness to much

Washington, Lincoln and dead men as such

But the home of the brave and the land of the free

Wouldn’t have it’s success without its inspiration- Coffee


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My country
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