It's the bitter, sometimes, sweetness that leaves me wanting more

Whether the weather is cool or hot I can't seem to stop this addiction

Caffeine is simply a bonus

I crave the taste of coffee like a young child craves the affection of it's parent

Coffee and cinnamon go hand in hand as if they're the perfect couple

They say nothing's perfect, but with coffee everything makes a little more sense 

I'm attached 

It's my only comfort for when I want to get away

Swept within it's bitter hold I can't put it down 

This drug is my only weakness

Held within this caffeine induced haze of pleasure I feel creative 

I'm on top of the world so long as I have at least one cup

Now turned two 


Some days I lose count of how much I've enabled my addiction to run wild

I can't control myself 

Coffee is safe 

And unlike a lover that's done, coffee will never leave me

It can't leave 

We're in too deep and I won't allow this lust to stop 


Without it I feel left open 

And like a home for sale, it's always inviting 


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