I loved you like coffee


Both as a hot coffee of those that taste very good

of the tongue savors

And the flavor is felt

That rises to the head

I Loved you like coffee every morning

when I wake up

Kissing my own lips taste only you had in the soul

Like that I loved you

I tasted you with coffee that blessed

That it has your look

That explains my daily need wanting you every morning

As you used to drink that coffee

So you want me on every call

But you've tired of my whiteness

Of the fresh milk was mixed when joy gave you

but now you have forgotten to add sugar

Cold your coffee is

every morning when I prepare the cup

I remember your going and not your goodbye

When I prepare my cup I apologize to my coffee

Because i have loved you as to him

And he receives me to wake With its caffeine

Reminding me that life Follows me

and your taste Already is cooled.


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