You hurt me again

It’s written on your skin

Circling around your wrist

As well as your arms and hips


The scars on your skin

Would you stop if I paint my name over them?

I prefer permanent pen

Just as my love will never fade nor end


What they say isn’t true

So why does it mean anything to you?

Why let them decide what you do?

So don’t let them tie their strings to you


Baby, it’s safe to say

Maybe you’re secure and safe

Secure as our fingers intertwined

Safe like your lips pressed to mine


The blade is my enemy

But the Devil is your friend

Take it away from your skin

And use my lips instead


My pen is my friend

But my head is my enemy

It hurts but it needs off my chest

I’m sorry for the honesty


Don’t leave me alone

‘Cause that’s when it all tends to go down

I don’t trust myself on my own

But there’s nothing to fight when you are around

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