Codeine Fixes What the Heart Can't Take

I’ve watched a lot of TV in my life,

a lot of sitcoms at that,

a lot of romantic comedies too.

And it seems to me like

they’re all teaching the same

thing, more or less.


That if you love someone else

passionately enough,

that if you’re loyal and your

love for them never wavers,

they’ll always come back to you.


But my life has taught me

something else entirely.

That the more you love


the longer you wait for them

to come back to you,

the harder it is to accept

that they’re never

going to.


Love is not rewarded by


with intimacy,

with the assurance that

the two of you will make it.


It usually ends with

you waiting at the end of

a thousand years

with her

with another guy

and a bottle of

this or that.


Just because you love

someone for the rest of your life,

just because you never failed to be there

for them,

does not mean they will love you.

In fact, it means the opposite.

She will love someone else

and never tell them about you.

But that’s just how life is, you know?


So, do yourself a favor.

Stop falling in love

and start reading, writing,

composing, painting instead.

Your brain will thank you.

Your heart will wither and die,

but it’d do that anyway.

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