-The Code-

Every man needs a code...

call it morals, call it virtue

Things we learn with feet to road

-you had to grow.. thats why it hurt you

Lookin back you see the forest,

Now removed, you see its whole

N what you took from it's important,

It's written down inside your soul

Every man needs a code.......

It's somethin to be devoted to.

You dont have to know it all

-'fact it's not what you're supposed to do.

Gotta leave room for intuition-

-just sit n listen to your code -its the truth, you see

Everybody's going thru somethin,

problem is some think they're the only one strugglin,

look all of us got shit...

you aint the only one sufferin.

Some of us just dont brandish it-

-cuz i dont need nobody's sympathy -to know that im a man-

-n i can handle all this entropy

-Ive managed all my life,

another trial, wont be the end of me..

because you cant expect a break..

you gotta make yourself begin to see that life is what you make it..

..make it something worth remembering...

We all have hurtful memories,

to dwell on them is hell.

its enough to burn for centuries

but heaven is the present - see the light - its in your mind,

gave me peace to find the inner me

-so now i focus on the simple things...

so what i learned is sensory,

doesnt equate to truth.

experience is periphery,

but the heart of life is you -

-n it's hard to fight the truth-

-dont even try, you'll lose.

like tryin to hide the sun,

no matter what it's shinin thru.

and it never really sets at night, right?

...it just hides from you

cuz if all we saw is light - n it was never dark,

not even just a time or two,

we'd never know its bright - 

-it's how we tell the two apart n start to write a new perspective...

The yin and yang of life is finding truth in our reflection

it's why our views and our respective truths

are etched into our code -

the code we write we lessons learned along the road-

-each and every had their own

but still i feel it's you connected with me 

n we can be in tune with heaven

-live in peace and wreck the mold

-change the world - message bold

-with a new respect for life - as our pieces make the whole-

-of this connection we behold -in this collective of our souls..

so inevitably....

every man has a code.




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Our world


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