Code 143

I can say I've been around

Sometimes it seems like I can't lift a pound

You can't hold me down

I know you can't handle me now

I am a strong woman raised by a strong woman

And I repeat, nothing, no nothing can take precedence over me

I'm not Muhammad Ali, but I can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

Release the beast in me, I'm hungry and I will eat with the knowledge of my mother, her mother, and her mother's mother

"You can't be passive" is what she tells me, but it's the aggression of the aggressor that makes me an assertion to the new world around

I won't let it mold be like clay, only God can do that

And If I have him, I can count on the fact that I'm dead without warning, now that's accurate

I won't back down because I'm a warrior, I'm more than a conqueror

Try to conquer me new world, yo no comprende

Comprendo, I know, but you don't know

You have no idea what tools I'm bringing with me and all I get is one

My mother is enough so take flight and run

For your life quod haec desertus est nobis

Translation because this land is ours know this

There is a need to fear because life before was clear, until we got here

Run little island, your owners are home

Don't be tender-headed, you just need a comb 

To keep you in line, to keep you straight

Don't hesitate, don't fight the feeling, just cooperate

We're not bank robbers, but this is a stick up

So put your lava filled grand canyons, menacing creatures, earth's population of insects and arachnids in a bag and hand them over

The time you had alone is now over

Peaceful protests of love from this moment on

But please don't get out of hand, I have my belt on.

This poem is about: 
My family


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