Coco Butter Kisses

Cool to the touch, turns the dry skin soft;

I find you, in the lonely hour.

After my mom goes to sleep, what I do would make her weep;

I find you, in the lonely hour.

I stay as still as a stone, and make sure I am alone;

I find you, in the lonely hour.

As the screen wakes, my headphones are put in place;

I find you, in the lonely hour.

I do not take long, in three shakes I am done;

I find you, in the lonely hour.

Filled with relief, even though what I did is contrary to my beliefs;

I fall asleep, in the lonely hour.

If you haven’t guessed it, wait till tonight and you’ll have felt it;

Coco butter kisses, in the lonely hour.

And the best part is its fast and cheep,

You don’t need a wrap or syringe,

and in the end it puts you to sleep.

My mind is telling me no! But my body! My body! Is telling me yessss!

It has become apparent to me that my coco butter kisses are laced with heroin.

So strong is its potency how can one be expected to break free?

To be free is to choose freedom.

Like addiction it is a lifestyle, no a state of being.

It is to know that this is who I am, because this is what I do.

But I am not free.

So often was I presented with the opportunity  to choose, and I chose coco butter kisses.

Only to make the same decision again and again and again until I lost count

And again and again and again until I stopped trying to stop

 And again and again and again until I realized,

 this is who I am because this is what I do.

They say love is a drug,

So powerful is its consistency that it can start anything from wars to religion,

and it even can cause loss of sleep.

But the truth is, without sex, love loses its potency.

It’s the sex we need, the sex we crave.

 The thought of it has driven men mad,

 long before they find any measure of peace.

 Our body even tells us how we like it and when we need it. 

The same way we know when it’s time to eat and sleep.

With the fall of Adam and Eve,

All men took leave of freedom.

And forsook all control over ones desires for some pootang,

or in my case coco butter kisses.

But  by the way I was raised, and by profession of faith.

No woman can take away what God has so graciously has given to me.

So in solitude I march,

slow and sure never to waiver.

For I was bought with a price,

so I must solider on,

except in the lonely hour.


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