For the Clouds

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 22:21 -- Amari D



I love the way you part ways

And allow the sun to shine through you

Big white puffs that sit above

Our heads floating like dreams

You are the outside walls of heaven

Displaying the emotions of God

Whether you are white and round

Surrounded by the soft blue sky

Or you are gray and swollen

Pouring out tears

You are always so full of beauty and mystery

When I look up at you I know that there is God

For only he could create such a sky filled with such

Wonderful poufs as clouds



Amari D

This picture of the clouds was taken by me, the author of the "For the Clouds" poem, on a road trip to New York. I was inspired by their beauty and how they appeared to be dancing in the heavens. - AmariD

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