Closet Full of Masks

I have a closet full of masks

There are so many I can't keep track.

Each day, I go into my closet and grab a new mask

I put on a new face and I act. 

I act my problems away

Letting my feelings go a stray.

You see me around, I laugh and I cry

But those are just the masks that I hide.

No-one knows who I really am

I just make my way through life, running my own kind of scam.

When I go into my closet and grab a new mask,

I transform into someone new

Relenquishing my self right on que.

No-one knows the depths behing my masks

I am just that girl who smiles and stares back.

Like a puppet on strings,

Trying to break free with broken wings.

Deep down you would never guess

That I am a girl who is depressed.

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