From The Closet


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A boy sits alone in his closet.
Enmity splattered walls.
His heart, so open to love,
is beginning to wither and fall.
But what, I should think,
makes him live in these walls,
is a secret to me,
is a secret to all.

He cries in his closet,
face to the floor.
Antagonistic swine taunt him,
barricade the door.
Government and religion,
claim rights to his bed.
What he grew up to learn,
was innate in his head.

This boy’s gone to church.
He’s read the good book.
Listened to the man
who wears robes and stern looks.
He ate His flesh and blood;
he sang all the hymns;
his whole life and soul
have been loyal to Him.

He sits in his closet,
pulling at his hair,
asking some busy God
why He just doesn’t care.
Wishing for love,
begging for happiness,
praying to God with his hands in the air.

The boy lies defeated,
contemplating death,
wondering what’s new
in the aftermath.
He loves to play music.
He plays a mean guitar.
He imagines a heaven
where things aren’t so damn hard.

Death in his closet
sounds like a plan.
He writes a little note.
He feels less of a man.
Nobody cares;
and if they do, they don’t know.
This life he is living,
is a life full of woe.

He is already in hell,
so what could be worse?
He ties the rope, kicks the chair,
and now rides in a hearse.
I follow behind
on a trail full of tears.
With his family, friends
and lover of three years.

Our hearts bleeding for the loss
of a boy with such charm.
The suicide.
The death.
Now we sound the alarm.
This boy’s made an impact
on the lives in his town.
They’ve all become active.
They spread the word around

But there are people like us
in each and every state.
Who are lonely and confused
And still secretly gay.
Their parents reject them.
Their friends go away.
Such hatred and ignorance
Still happens today.

Why should you wait
for a loved one to die,
before making the move?
Come on, open your eyes.
Take in the fact
that many are living a lie.
Open your heart,
and kiss hatred goodbye.

Tolerance is a given.
Hatred’s a curse.
Acceptance is important:
the main point of each verse.
Life is a gift and
Love is so true.
Wouldn’t you feel different if that boy were

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