Closed within

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 23:16 -- aje1084

If the mind were a box, it would be vast, yet dark.
The lid would be closed but somehow the thoughts would enter
And enter they would without consideration to the feelings they were hurting or fear they were causing.

If the mind was a box, it would contain unspeakable things,
Things that even if discovered could never be interpreted by others.
No manual could decipher, no dictionary could define the experiences had inside that box.

If the mind were a box, the eyes would be the lid,
Allowing for some sort of light into what the lips could not say and what the box could not release.
The strangers would peek, trying to glimpse inside, looking to see what was so hidden
But no dictionary could define and no manual could decipher.

A box can be put together using steps, A, B, and C.
The manufacturer will tell you that this box is perfectly put together, look here is the cerebral cortex, the amygdala, and the corpus callosum.
Everything is in place. So why then, why is that look on her face?

If the mind were a box, each one would be unique.
And only a certain something would be able to take a peek.
No manuals required, no instructions, don’t you dare.
And somehow, someway, someone will get in there.

If the mind were a box, it should be able to be opened.
Not by prying or cutting but by crying and loving.
And no longer is the mind a box but now an open book, to write on, to read upon, for everyone to look.

My mind is now wide open to new words and new stamps,
To travel to worlds left undiscovered and places unmarked.
My mind, now wide open, has room for thoughts and ideas.
To share with the other boxes in the world.


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