the closed door

The closed door

I open my eyes, and slowly come to my senses.I hurt all over,and my left leg lays in a weird position. I slowly sit up,wanting to scream from the pain. I am scared, where am I? I try to remember something…anything! But I can’t. I can’t remember anything, not even my own name.

I look around for any clues. I am in a room, with only one light bulb, struggling to stay alive. There is a metal table across the room. I notice that I have goosebumps, I am not sure if I am cold though. I just want to break down and cry, where am l? My eyes fix on a metal door, in the wall diagonal from me. I have a sudden urge to open it, but I hurt too much, the pain is overriding me. I hear a loud *bang*! On the other side of the door. Now I am desperate to find out what really is going on. I slowly stand up, hurting like hell. I hop over to the door, with my one good leg. I am now shaking from fear. I reach out and touch the handle on the door, it is ice cold. I quickly pull away, my heart is racing. Once I have gathered myself, I put my hand back on the handle, and slowly open the door……. And SCREAM!



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