Closed Chapter

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United States
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“The truth will always come out” they say

It happened on that cold rainy day

When Granddad passed away


Not related by blood but by marriage

The previous year

My late grandma turned to ashes


“A rolling stone” many separate families he had

Hidden for so long, buried so deeply

for many years in the past


Grandma knew, Grandma knew

But she didn’t tell us

Didn’t want to hurt us


I still remember her shaking voice as she begged

Her children, her grandchildren

“Divide my jewelry amongst yourselves”

“Here, quickly”

“I know you wouldn’t want to wear a dead woman’s clothes.”


Tears, tears, flowing

reached out and watered my soul

I saw and felt but didn’t comprehend

That death would open it’s doors for her so soon


For over a year, the door to her former home was closed to us

But open to a new woman, a girlfriend

Drives grandma’s car in her place.


Her children weren’t invited to have momma’s knick-nacks

Collect photo albums 

Or even come by to say hi


It hurts, it hurts

During life and after death to be forgotten

Fluttered away, hearts were broken


He made sure to include his blood children

And their families

And his girlfriend and her family

And who else I don’t know

But did not include the step-children

In his last words.


Now we’re left angry and confused

We thought you loved us

Did you just love grandma


Oh, it hurts, it hurts

How come your death reminds me of her

Now this chapter in our lives has really closed


Only after death has the truth been told.



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